Christope Ferreboeuf

Tell a little more about yourself, what do you do on daily basis and what brought you to Coworking Liepaja?
I'm mainly developing e-commerce websites or functionalities for external clients. About the coworking space, I needed a place to work at once, I searched offices in Liepaja and saw it on the internet. I thought : "it's the place for me". I worked during two years and a half alone at home and it is a good thing to see other people.

What kind projects you are working now?
Since a year, I work for Swatch Group. I created the website for the brand Hamilton and did interventions on other brands website. I go from time to time in Switzerland to meet my partners. Aside I work on a web2print e-commerce for an Ivorian client and I animate formation for the web (HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP and MySQL) or Magento.

How did you choose your profession and what brought you to what you are doing today?
I use computers since I'm a child. First for playing but then to program and back in 2002 I went to a school to study correctly development. Since then, I have been a volunteer in Penkule a village of Dobeles Novads where I met the woman that became my wife, I worked in Riga to stay in Latvia and after 5 years, we moved to France for me to go back to the profession I was made for. After some experiences in different companies, I understood that I do not have the "employee personality" and I went freelance. This is all these details that brought me to what I am doing today.

Did you have working experience in other Coworking spaces? What kind benefits do you see in Coworking?
I did not really had opportunity to work in that type of spaces except sometimes in a city I was passing by. I like to work alone at home but company is good for me from time to time.

Tell a little more about your future plans
I try to work on some personal projects but time is sparse.
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